Three Grades 0f Fasting

It should be known that there are three grades of fasting:0rdinary,special and extra-special.

0rdinary fasting means abstaining from food,drink and sexual satisfaction.

Special Fasting means keeping one's ear,eyes,tongue,hands and feet-and all other organs-fr0m sin.

T0 the third degree belongs the prophets,the true friends and those close to G0d.It does not lend itself to detailed examination in words,as its true nature is better revealed in action.It consists in utmost dedication to G0d,Great and Glorious is He,to the exclusion of everything other than g0d,Exalted is He,It is bound up with the significance of His words:

"...Say:'Allah!' then leave them to their idle prattling."(surah al-An'am,6:91)