Secret admire :)

Actually dalam hidup, byk org yg saya jadikan inspirasi. Dikalangan mereka ada yang special. 

They are my two awesomes brother. Syed Ahmad Fathi and Syed Zulfaqar. 

Now. Sorang last year di Russia dan sorang lagi nak masuk second year di Canada. waahh.
Mereka dikenali ramai. Inspire other people. Always show me a good role model.
I miss the moment with them in childhood :(
I love to play futsal with amad. I always improve myself in futsal just to let him say at me one day.
'hebat ko sekarang eh'. huhu
When I'm with zul. I feel like to stay beside him forever. He was very funny. Always make me laugh.
Working with him, I will do whatever he said.

Bila pergi program mesti ade je org tanya pasal diorang ni.
Asal ko tak pergi oversea? common question.
Dah ade org merisik dah pon. kahkahkah. secret2. 
Dalam hati rasa kerdil betul diri ni mempunyai abang2 yg hebat.

Yup. They inspired me a lot in my life. When I'm down, I think of them. They can, why I can't.
I will be always me. Making them as something that I must overcome. 
Wait and see my brothers !
adikmu bukan sebarang adik. haha

Amad :)

Zul :)

Now it's not secret anymore :)